When you need to secure weapons, you need strength and security, but also flexibility and readiness. Weapons need to be kept out of the wrong hands, yet quickly accessible by the right hands. That’s where Marvel weapons rack systems come in. CMH offers a wide range of Marvel weapons rack systems in a variety of sizes and types. We have solutions to handle many weapons storage needs.

Key Design Features:

  • Strong MIG welding is especially strong and durable, meaning weapons will be under the utmost security.
  • Gangability. These weapon cages can be connected at each end to make a longer case.
  • Spring-loaded handles allow for easier movement of weapon racks when necessary.
  • Securesite. Each weapon cabinet is configured to secure a specific number and type of weapon.
  • Slide-in doors. Doors slide in and out for easy removal when reconfiguring shelving and racking inside.
  • Quicklok system (Now includes the security enhancement latchplate). This patented system provides the utmost security for weapons with quick locking and unlocking capabilities.

Military-Grade Weapon Storage Offering Many Benefits

Marvel weapons rack systems are designed primarily for military and government use (i.e. police, army, navy, marines, air force, coast guard, etc.). Storage of weapons of all sizes and types from pistols to rifles, accessories and optics, is possible with a variety of cabinet configurations. There are many benefits of using Marvel Modular Gun Racks.

  • Safety. Weapons are securely locked in cabinets so that only personnel with the required clearance can access them.
  • Quick access. Although under strong security, the weapons can be accessed quickly when needed in a state of emergency.
  • Flexibility. The configuration of each gun cabinet is customizable. Shelves are adjustable and can be added or removed as needed. Hooks and gun rests can be added, removed, or adjusted for the proper height and length.
  • Mobility. Weapon cabinets can be moved easily with spring-loaded handles. You can quickly establish a secure armory in any location that can be transferred again at a moment’s notice.
  • Strength. Strong welded metal keeps weapons secure and free from break-ins. You can trust that weapons are only accessible to authorized hands.

Consider these real-life examples of Marvel weapon security solutions that prove the validity of these products:

When You Need Weapon Security on Short Notice

In the summer of 2007, Ft. Riley had an urgent need for a large number of weapons racks. A new brigade was moving in unexpectedly and a large shipment of new weapons was on its way. Ft. Riley needed immediate action; the racks had to start shipping in no less than two weeks from the initial order. The bottom line, if Ft. Riley’s weapons arrived before the racks, they would require extra security precautions, including an around-the-clock armed guard required by military security. This was not a popular alternative. The racks needed to get there on time without exception.

Marvel started shipping Ft Riley racks in the second week, just after they finalized their order. A factory trained installation coordinator accompanied them and remained on site for two weeks until the project was complete. Marvel delivered on time, managed the entire installation which greatly reduced the work load of the officer in charge, and left them completely satisfied. Marvel is still their weapons rack supplier today.

Innovative Solutions for Every Weapon Security Need

Ft. Lewis had a fleet of helicopters that required weapons storage. However, no standard weapons racks fit their need. After a complete evaluation, Marvel designed special barrel holders to better secure the weapons while in flight. It was in the course of solving this challenge that the pistol tray was invented, a product unique to the Secure Solutions weapons rack line.

Marvel also sent out a factory representative to assist Ft. Lewis with the installation and to make sure everything went smoothly with all the custom parts and custom configuration. Ft. Lewis was extremely pleased with the result, and Marvel proved once again how flexible its services and products are.

Customized Solutions to Fit Any Space

Ft. Bliss needed to fit a large number of weapons into a very small room. It was obvious that there was not enough space to just place the racks in a stationary floor position. When the needs require diverse thinking, Marvel always seeks the best partners, teaming up with a mobile rack system manufacturer to engineer a custom solution.

With the newly conceived configuration, Marvel was able to fit all the weapons in the required space and even left them room to expand. Teaming up on this project built a strong relationship with the mobile rack system manufacturer and led to further collaborations in the future.

These stories are just a few of examples of the many times Marvel has gone above and beyond the call of duty to supply those who go above and beyond the call of duty for others every day. They provide proof of the dedication to customer service and innovation that Marvel applies to every situation. GSA is proud to offer Marvel products and services to customers in the General Services Administration. The military and other armed forces in this country can better serve and protect the citizens when the right high-quality supplies are at their disposal.

About Carolina Material Handling

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