Need extra space in your facility? Carolina Material Handling has a cost effective, turn-key solution: A Mezzanine Storage System. These platforms allow you to fully utilize your space, without a costly new construction to your facility. Using high quality materials that are safe and strong, your new mezzanine area will be designed to meet your load, size and span requirements. These unique elevated work platform systems provide flexibility, so you can expand or change the space as needed. Here are some of the great benefits of Mezzanine Storage systems:

Double The Storage Space

Utilizing the existing overhead space for a mezzanine storage system makes sense. You can double the amount of storage space using the existing building footprint, without costly additions.

Provide The Perfect Fit

The mezzanine storage systems are custom designed to meet your needs for size, load, and span. They are “assembly-friendly”, and support racking and conveyors at your existing storage facility or distribution center. By seamlessly integrating with existing equipment at your facility, mezzanine storage systems are a logical, cost effective solution. Single and multi-level platforms are available, to suit a variety of storage and workflow needs.

Use Strong, Safe Materials

A mezzanine storage system is constructed using pre-fabricated steel, using high quality materials. At Carolina Material Handling, our platforms meet stringent industry standards. The systems meet local, national and state codes to ensure the highest quality and safety for the mezzanine storage systems. Using heavy-duty thick columns and thick baseplates, our platforms are sturdy and strong.

Fast and Easy Installation

The installation process of a mezzanine storage system is quick and easy. With minimal interruption to your facility floor area, our installation team delivers prompt and reliable expertise. The easy-to-install connection designs and comprehensive project management make installation a worry-free process. With a fast and easy installation, all of the details are included, such as on-site measurements, professional engineering, and in-house manufacturing.

Save Time and Money

Competitive pricing and accelerated tax depreciation are some of the cost saving benefits of the mezzanine support systems. Carolina Material Handling’s custom solutions are built to bring savings to their customers. A mezzanine storage system installation requires minimal downtime, with efficient and reliable service. Costly renovations are not necessary with a platform that utilizes existing space. This solution is only a fraction of the cost of new construction, and the added storage, work, manufacturing or office space will increase profitability. You will not have to worry about expensive leases, construction delays or land acquisitions.

Accessories and Options

Our custom solutions for mezzanine storage systems include a variety of decking surfaces:

Plywood/resin Floor: A strong roof deck, combined with tongue and groove plywood, polyethylene coated plywood, or resin board will provide a smooth work surface.

Steel Bar Grating: If you need light penetration and better airflow, a steel bar grating floor eliminates the need for a lower-level sprinkler system with the open area of the design.

Diamond-textured Steel Plating: If your floor surface will be subject to intense cleaning or heavy traffic, consider a diamond-textured steel plating for the surface. It can be used for all or part of the flooring, and is commonly used for stair landings.

Stairs and Landing Platforms also have a variety of options, such as diamond-textured steel plating or bar grating treads, and closed or open risers.

Handrails and Kick plates are included in the design. Kick plates add to the appearance, for a clean and flawless look from all sides. They are painted to blend with the framing members and hide exposed edges of flooring. Handrail posts clip over the frame and are secured with self-tapping screws.

Gates and Finish provide the finishing touches to the design of the mezzanine support system. Lift, sliding and swing gates are available, depending on whether you are in a tight area or need the gate for loading. A high-performance, powder-coat finish is applied to all mezzanine components.

Streamline your operations with a professional look and high quality design, using a mezzanine storage system from Carolina Material Handling.