Steel Shelving Open Market Products

If you have heavy materials to store safely then you may want to look into steel shelving. With sturdy steel shelving your materials or tools will be stored in a safe and convenient manner. At Carolina Material Handling we have numerous options to solve your storage problems. Whether you are looking for heavy duty steel shelving, metal storage, high capacity shelves, steel storage racks, adjustable shelves, roll out shelving or more, we provide solutions. Our friendly staff is on hand to speak with you about your specs and requirements.

Standard Steel Shelving Options

Our heavy duty steel shelving is made of high grade steel. Reinforced 12 gauge steel adjustable shelves have a 2,000 pound capacity per shelf with 2” x 2” x 3/16” corner angles. These high capacity shelves are extremely durable. Our Z-Beam Storage Racks provide extra heavy weight capacity. Additional shelf levels allow for expansion and the panels for this shelving unit are strong, versatile and require no fasteners. Simply fit the decking into the 3/4” recess of the crossbeam for increased support.

Our metal storage systems make efficient use your available space. They mount securely to walls at your work station or come in bench assemblies. Made of 16 ga steel construction for strong hanging support, the wall mount is ideal for picking and maintenance applications. The bench assemblies are a space saver that keep parts and materials within easy reach.

Mobile Steel Shelving Options

We offer heavy duty roll out shelving to make your work day go by a bit easier. Two roll out shelves extend 100% for ease of access and are great for heavy tools, dies and large parts that require a forklift or overhead crane to load and unload. Our roll out shelving is reinforced with 7 gauge steel and 12 gauge decks, with a load capacity of 1,000 pounds per shelf. An alternative to roll out shelving is flow racks. A flow rack will improve your picking operations with inserted rollers and guides to ensure that your materials will be readily available.

Need a sufficient way to move your materials and inventory? Shelf carts may be the answer. With a 3,000 pound capacity and a 1-1/2” shelf lip, these carts help prevent lost parts during transportation.

Contact us today to discuss your shelving needs with one of our sales associates or team members. We are determined to satisfy all of your storage needs.